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Los Andes de America Hotel, as part of its program with the Rainforest Alliance, aims to be environmentally and socially responsible; there for our hotel supports the weaver artisans of Cusco Andean communities, providing them a direct sales and exhibition channel. Besides we promote the cultural interaction among our guests and local people.
Andean Communities Weaver Artisans Fair

- The weaver artisans keep alive the Andean Culture, through the use of natural and pre Hispanic dyeing materials and also through the use of weave techniques which allow a programmed design of Andean iconographies.

- During the Follow the Frog Week, will be an exhibition of the ancient techniques used in the Andean textiles elaboration process.

- Our visitors and guests can purchase the textile products and directly benefit the Andean Communities families.
Andean Gastronomy Fair

- The fusion of the biodiversity and cultural diversity of   Peru resulted in an amazing local cuisine.

- During the Follow the Frog Week, will be an exhibition of native Andean foods.

- During this week, our visitors and guests can enjoy of our delicious Andean Menu with 20% off at our restaurant Kusi Sonqo.

Cada vez que reservamos un hospedaje que posee el sello de Rainforest Alliance Verified; ponemos nuestro grano de arena para apoyar un futuro mejor para las personas y el planeta. Sé un Seguidor y Sigue a la Rana en www.rainforest-alliance.org
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